About Us


What is Postet?

Short Answer: A social networking platform for gamers. By gamers.

Postet offers all the basic features people came to expect from social platforms. In addition, we are working to introduce new features that deliver valuable and novel experiences, specially for our users who happen to be gamers.

For example, unlike traditional social network websites where users can only arrange their posts in a linear format (i.e., the never-ending stream of data also known as infinite scroll), Postet also allows users to decorate a 3D Room with their posts. We call those 3D Rooms, Homes. Site visitors can then explore those 3D worlds just like if they were browsing a real art gallery, museum, or store. To move around a HOME, users use the mouse or arrow keys, and they double click the images in the HOME to comment, like, or share the posts. Double-clicking sky banners allows visitors to go to any linked user profile that's available. All thanks to Postet's 'Patent Pending' 3D-based social networking system.

  On a Profile page, click the  HOME  button (previously called 3D Room) to visit that user's HOME.

Still curious?

Explore the PRODUCT TOUR

Check out a user Profile page

Visit a HOME (use the mouse or arrow keys to move around)

And, if you want to try it and see it for yourself, go ahead and SIGN UP! We hope you like it!

  After you sign up, here's how you can decorate your own HOME:
  • Go to your profile page
  • Click the  HOME  button
  • Click the  OPEN BUILDER TOOL  button
  • Choose what you want to add to the HOME
  • Click anywhere within the HOME to place the object.
  • To adjust an object, select it with a click and use the available BUILDER editor to modify it.

Postet Inc. is a startup company based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. It was established in 2020 and we are working hard to improve the product. If you have any bug reports, questions, and/or suggestions, please contact us.
We are constantly updating the site with more features so stay tuned!

Think it. Postet.

The Postet Team.